The CS 'wiki server' is the department's main dispatch for services and information CS provides to our faculty, staff, and students. However, it is only accessible from on campus.

If you are 'on campus' one way or another (see VPN below), the following link will take you there. If not, your browser will time out trying to get there. This is because such access is specifically and deliberately blocked.


VPN connections ARE 'on campus', so if you need remote access to CS, or other campus protected resources, you simply configure your system to connect (using your UANET password, NOT your CS password -- because this service is provided by IT's networking group).

You can read about how to do this at IT's web site (IT trouble line is x6888 for help):

Remote Access (linux and windows):

Linux: Please note that you do NOT need to be connected to the VPN to use our linux remote access machines (named,, and The only way into them is via ssh (putty or any other client). The connection is encrypted, so this is safe. To get started in using ssh or putty under windows, please consult the following page:

Windows: You DO need to be 'on campus' to use Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol to access our Windows machines.

If you need more help:

Ask your instructor, GA/TA, another student, or your lab manager (Chuck Van Tilburg;; office CAS233) if any of this is unclear.

Chuck Van Tilburg

September 7, 2010