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BigBoard Posted: Monday, Nov 26

How to make a contribution to the project

How to make a contribution to the BigBoard project

In general, the implementation of this project requires:

  • Knowledge of the parts of Qt and how to configure them for our uses
  • General, overall design

Both of these items can come out in the code.

  • Contribute code. Any code that gets the project further ahead. It can be partial/incomplete. It can be ugly (both the code and the view). It just has to get the project forward. As long as it doesn’t break the build.
  • The code does not have to be complete. It just shouldn’t break the build.
  • Prefer code to wiki/tickets. Code is the main contribution. Tickets are just to coordinate on code. The wiki is just to post general items.
  • Have conversations in the tickets, not the wiki. The tickets have a comment system which works quite well.
  • Create tickets for items you are working on. Create the ticket, assign it to yourself, and get some code in.
  • Create tickets for other things that need to be done. Create the ticket, and let someone else take it and work on it.
  • Let me know of technical issues so I can fix them. E.g., the “View Tickets” in Trac not visible to students.
  • Don’t be shy. Your code will not be perfect. If someone thinks it can be better, then let them change it.