Database Management


MW 5:10 – 6:25, CAS 107

Please don’t print any online materials (including lecture notes and software manuals) in the labs.

Instructor: Dr. Yingcai Xiao, Office: CAS 244, Telephone: 972-5809, Email:; Internet:
Office Hours: M 3:00-3:25, 6:25-6:40p.m., W 3:00-5:00p.m., F 4:00-4:30p.m. or by appointment.

Grader: Varundev Garikapati


Office Hours: MW 6:25-7:25 p.m. in CAS 254 or by appointment.

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Lab Computer Login, Documentation and Services

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VPN Setup


How to Use SQL SERVER on winserv1

How to Build Three-tier Web Applications

How to Run Embedded SQL in C (ESQL/C) on SQLSERVER

How to Use Tomcat, JSP and ODBC in the Lab

How to Setup Tomcat, JSP and ODBC at Home


 JSP Resources to Run JSP Programs on the Lab Computers

Sun's JSP site:

dot PHP to Run PHP Programs on the Lab Computers Programming PHP

dot XML XML Books: Examples:

· (no style)

· (xsl)

· (xsl)

· (xml-xsl in ASP.NET)


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