Download Microsoft Development Software at Microsoft Imagine


  1. UA CS students, who are currently in at least one CS course, can download Microsoft development software for free through Microsoft Imagine. This is paid for by the CS department and is only licensed to the CS students.


  1. The department will sign up all qualified students during the second week of class.


  1. After being signed up, you will receive an email sent from University of Akron - Computer Science - Microsoft Imagine Premium with the subject title of An account has been created for you.


  1. Follow the instructions in the email to register and set up your password. (If you had an old inactive account, you should receive an email related to reactivation of the account.)


  1. Please do NOT delete this email since it is automatically generated and can NOT be retrieved by the site administrator.


  1. What if I have not received the email? You will not receive an email if you have already registered an account before. If you have not received the email at the end of the second week, it may have gone to your spam folder. Search with keywords Microsoft Imagine in your UA mailbox. Email the instructor of your class if you could not find the email.


  1. What if I have forgotten my password? You can go to the sign-in page if you forgot your password. There is a link to reset your password there. You should use your UA email address there.


  1. A student can only download each piece of software once, but can use it for any length of time for non-commercial purposes.


  1. Check out the help menu on how to download software and maintain your account.