Download Microsoft Development Software at MSDNAA Software Center


  1. UA CS students and instructors can download Microsoft development software for free through MSDNAA (Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance).


  1. To qualify, you must be a CS student and is currently enrolled in a CS course or an instructor who is teaching a CS course.


  1. For an instructor to sign up his/her students to the program, email UA CS MSDNAA site administrator ( a .txt file containing the email addresses of the students enrolled in the course. Name the .txt file with the course name and semester. Each email address must be on a separate line. Student email addresses can be obtained at Zipline Faculty Center by trying to “NOTIFY LISTED STUDENTS” in a course and cut-and-past the addresses from the “BCC” field.


  1. For a student to join the program, just remind the instructor to do the above if the instructor has not done so.


  1. After being signed up, the students will receive an email sent by “University of Akron - Computer Science - DreamSpark” and titled “An account has been created for you”. Follow the instructions in the email to register and download software. Save the email for future reference. A student can only download each piece of software once, but can use it for any length of time for non-commercial purposes.


  1. If you had an old MSDNAA account, you should receive an email related to reactivation of the account.


  1. If you did not receive any email from after the site administrator ( created your account, you need go to to reset the password using your UA email address. Contact the site administrator ( if you get an error message when resetting the password.


  1. Check out the online help on how to download software and maintain your MSDNAA account.


  1. For further information, visit the following sites.