iOS Development

Health Data

Michael L. Collard, Ph.D.

Department of Computer Science, The University of Akron

Health Data

  • Current system is a mess, e.g., EMR software
  • New frontier for apps, especially mobile and wearables
  • Devices + app become ways to improve health (e.g., diet industry)


  • Accuracy
  • Privacy
  • Ownership
  • Semantics (terminology, units, etc.)
  • Violations of these concerns → app will not be accepted


  • Health data needs to be stored/accessible in one place
  • Manual entry of data
  • Manual delete
  • Multiple apps may want to view, or update, data
  • Apps may go away, but their data may stay
  • Access must be enabled on an individual data basis


  • Health App - Single place to enter, view, and analyze health data
  • HealthKit - Toolkit for other apps to access the data