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3460:438/589 Interactive Game Design


Final Study Guide

Course Syllabus


Lecture Notes

Introduction to Game Development

Intro to Unity3D Game Development

Links to Unreal Game Engine Resources


Unity3D Programming & Debugging

EDP in Game Development (, )

C# for Unity

Procedural Animation and Physics Engine


Game Development NUI.ppt

Surface Volume Representation and Procedural Animation

Game Engine Development.ppt


Game Development Process.pptx

Game Development Platforms & Genres.ppt

Programming Assignments:

PA1: WebGL Games

PA2: EDP in Game Programming

PA3: AI in Games

Term Project



Free Online Books for UA Students

Textbook: Holistic Game Development with Unity 3e, 3rd Edition, by Penny de Byl

Game Development Resources

Free Software Development Tools @GitHub

Free software from AutoDesk for students (including Maya) (downloadable assets) (Create your own characters)



UnityDownLoad.pdf (It is better to download Unity from GitHub)

Unity3d Demo Project (150MB)

Unity3D and Kinect Installation

How to create an installation CD with Unity3D



UnrealEngine Source Code


Blender: (free 3D design software)


XNA/Direct 3D:




Indie Game Publishing:

Humble Bundle of Online Games

Game Engine Development Resources


Game Code Complete:

A Complete Game Engine by McShaffry and Graham (OpenGL w Shaders):

Game Code Complete Community and Book



Student Projects:

A Simple Game Engine by Art (OpenGL w/o Shaders):

A Graphics Education Studio (Unity3D):


WebGL Examples


Build Your Own OpenGL Project without Shaders on PCs: OpenGL-Windows-No-Shaders

OpenGL Prebuilt Example Project without Shaders: for PCs

OpenGL Prebuilt Example Project with Shaders: for PCs


Build Your Own OpenGL Project without Shaders on Macs: OpenGL-Mac-No-Shaders

OpenGL Prebuilt Example Project with and without Shaders: for Macs


Tutorial with shaders:


Tutorial without shaders:

OpenGL Official Site

LightHouse OpenGL Tutorial

Mesa: Open Source OpenGL



Other Resources

Cleveland Game Developers

Global Game Jam