Term Project


Design Report Due: Wednesday, April 03.

Project Due: Monday, April 29.




The objective of this project is to design and implement an application utilizing the knowledge you have learned on Interactive Game Design. 


The default project will be an educational video game with a storyline, multiple levels and scoring logics. The game should be designed to be playable on various devices: iPad, smart phones, online, game consoles, etc.  Bonuses will be awarded to AR, NUI, collaborative, dynamically editable, or modularly exportable games.


·       You don’t have to implement the default project if you have your favorite games in mind. But your project needs to be much better than your assignments!

·       Joined projects with other classes are encouraged but need prior permissions. The amount of work should be doubled so that it can be shared by two classes. Prior permissions are needed from the instructors of both classes.

·       The project can NOT be a project you have done for a prior class unless you have obtained permissions from Dr. Xiao with clear written specifications on what’s new for this class. No double dipping!


·       Submit your design report through GoogleDrive with the submitting folder name of IDG-Design-Names-of-Group-Members and share it with uacsxiao@gmail.com.

·       Make an executable for others to play your game on at least one device, say iPad.

·       Make a 30 second recording of playing your game.

Submit through GoogleDrive with the submitting folder name of IDG-Project-Names-of-Group-Members and share it with uacsxiao@gmail.com. (Please submit it as a new folder. Submitting under a previous shared folder will not work.)