IGD Assignment #3
Game AI: Flocking
Dr. Yingcai Xiao
Due: Wednesday, 04/10/2024


1.     Modify your PA2 to add a flock of mosquitoes (or other insects).

2.     The flock will follow the diver.

3.     Individual mosquito will fly randomly around the diver.

4.     They should not collide with each other.

5.     They should not enter the water. They will fly above the water aimlessly after the diver enters the water.

6.     Make a few seconds of screen-capture video to record your game play.


1.     Realistic mosquitoes that can flap their wings. (10%)

2.     Allow dynamic adjustments of flocking parameters: number of mosquitoes, subgroup and compactness of subgroup, randomness of the individual mosquito direction and speed, quickness of the flock when following the diver. (max 20%)

3.     List all bonus features when starting your game and make sure this part is in the beginning of your video clip.

Tips and Hints:


Lecture Notes: AI.ppt

Textbook Section 5.6: Flocking

Tutorial: http://www.vergenet.net/~conrad/boids/pseudocode.html

Unity Implementation: http://black-square.github.io/BirdFlock/

Unity Code Explanation: http://wiki.unity3d.com/index.php?title=Flocking

Implementation Example: Art-flocking.zip

Butterfly Flocking by a student.


(1)  Rename your video file as IDG-PA3-YourFirstName-YourLastName and keep the original file extension.

(2)  Copy your complete project along with the video file into a directory named IDG-PA3-YourFirstName-YourLastName.

(3)  Submit the IDG-PA3-YourFirstName-YourLastName directory through GoogleDrive.

Submision Tile: IDG-PA3-YourFirstName-YourLastName 

Submission eMail: uacsxiao@gmail.com

(Please submit as a new folder. Submitting under a previous shared folder will not notify the instructor.)