Interactive Game Design




Class Meets: MW 5:15-6:30 pm

Instructor: Dr. Yingcai Xiao,,

Office Telephone: 330-972-5809

Office Hours: MW 2:30-3:30pm & 4:45pm-5:15pm

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Prerequisite: 3460:316. Proficient in C++.


Student Learning Outcomes

Students will know (1) the basic concepts and techniques of game and game engine design; (2) how to design and implement interactive computer games (GD); (3) how to design and implement interactive game engines (GED). Students will master two aspects of IGGED: principles and practices. Principles: students will know the fundamentals of interactive games and the internals of interactive game engines. Practice: students will know how to create interactive games using existing game engines and how to design and create their own games engines.


Topics (tentative):

  1. Overview
  2. Interactive Animation
  3. Unity3D Game Engine
  4. Unreal Game Engine
  5. EDP in Game Development
  6. Procedural Animation and Physics Engine
  7. AI, GAI, Data Analytics, Decision Making
  8. VR, AR, MR, APP
  9. Game Engine Development
  10. Surface Volume Representation
  11. OpenGL/WebGL
  12. Voxel-Engine




Holistic Game Development with Unity 3e, 3rd Edition, by Penny de Byl

Released April 2019, Publisher(s): CRC Press, ISBN: 9781351053679

(Free access for UA students, use your UA email to signup at



Reference Books:

Game Coding Complete, Mike McShaffry | David "Rez" Graham

3D Game Programming All in One by Kenneth C. Finney

Unreal Development Kit Beginnerís Guide by Richard J. Moore

Mastering Unreal Technology, Volume I: Introduction to Level Design with Unreal by: Jason Busby; Zak Parrish; Jeff Wilson

Mastering Unreal Technology: Advanced Level Design Concepts with Unreal Engine, by Jason Busby; Zak Parrish; Jeff Wilson

Game Development Essentials: An Introduction by Jeannie Novak



Assignments and Tests:

Grading:  Course Points = PA * 0.25 + PRJ * 0.25 + FINAL * 0.50

A: 94%-100% ; A-: 90%-93.9% ; B+: 87%-89.9% ; B: 84%-86.9%; B-: 80%-83.9%; C+: 77%-79.9%; C: 74%-76.9%; C-: 70%-73.9%; D+: 67%-69.9%; D: 64%-66.9%; D-: 60%-63.9%; F: Less than 60%.

Registration: All students attending the class must register. Students who fail to register are not permitted to attend the class.


Withdrawals: Per university policy.


Academic Honesty: All submitted work (assignments and tests) must be your own. Submission of work that is entirely or partly not yours will be reported to the department and university.